Lightning - Soul Gaze Photography
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July 18th 2012: "The storm was so gorgeous it was almost sexy as it moved through. In the field next to my neighbors I had a fabulous view of the entire cloud structure + lightning for miles. I stood transfixed than remembered my camera. By the time I returned it was so close that I had to return to my yard. Brandon got video of the bolts and once it approached I got a few of the clouds. They were some of the most wicked clouds I've seen in a long time. I felt the wind shifting all around me as I supported my camera against the deck instead of the lightning rod of a tripod. It shifted from hot to cold and front to back. The raw elemental power of God and nature swirled around me as I captured what I could. Inside I finally went kicking and screaming when Brandon caught me still outside. OK not exactly freaking, but inside I went! Sofar, the worse went around. Heavy rain + wind and major lighting. Got several great shots last night, going to try again tonight if the sky is being friendly.